Master Plan

The Board of Directors of the Martin County Convent Foundation, Inc., put together a Master Plan in April 2018 to map out the future of the building and grounds.

The Board of Directors is working with Killis Almond Architects and adobe specialist Randy Ogden and Morrissey Construction for the restoration work of the Historic Carmelite Monastery. The period of significance for restoration is 1886 when the Carmelite friars occupied the building. The importance of preserving this site is its direct connection to West Texas history and the founding of the community of Stanton, Martin County, Texas.

In addition, landscape architect Jason Hodges at Prairie Workshop and archaeologist Michael Bradle at American Archaeology Group have been advising the group on these restoration initiatives.

Our Goals

1) Establish archives and interpretive center concentrating on the monastery operated by the Carmelite friars and the Sisters of Mercy's academy and convent.

2) Create a native plant garden and learning center. Promote outdoor exhibits (not limited to) on xeriscape, migration of wildlife, Master Gardener center, mediation site, endangered species habitat.

3) Reconstruct the east adobe building to current building standards using historic photographs and ex-student personal accounts. The building will contain classrooms, exhibit, community meeting space, retreats and office space with a kitchen and bathrooms.